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Ensemble Lemniscate

Viewed objectively, music is subjective, or is it subjectively objective after all? When we humans experience art and music together, we share! Together we experience the same thing, and sometimes add up the subjective perceptions of others in the hall to confirm our perception. Together with composer and artist Anna Sowa, the Ensemble Lemniscate explores this theme of the subjective intrinsic perception of music and takes the audience on a journey into our consciousness. On the way, they meet other composers who complement the theme and constantly expand the boundaries of what music can be.


Ensemble Lemniscate: Tatiana Timonina (flute), Richard Haynes (clarinets), María Muñoz López (violin), Ellen Fallowfield (cello), Felix Nagl (piano), Mikołay Rytowski (percussion), Andreas Eduardo Frank (electronics), Daniel Moreira (conductor)


Ricardo Eizirik (1985): «in Steps» (2018-2019); Nicolas Buzzi (1987): «hoertest» (2023) Intervention; Michael Maierhof (1956): «shopping 4» (2005-2006); Fernando Manassero (1984): «The Ames Window» (2023) Intervention; Anna Sowa (1987): «Nach dem Foto feiern wir weiter!» (2023) UA; Rama Gottfried (1977): «object processional» (2023) Intervention; Gary Berger: «21 mal Lösen» (2008/2014); Svetlana Maraš (1985): «Candy for Andy» (2023) Intervention; Katharina Rosenberger (1971): «Blur» (2019/2023)


70 minutes, no break


CHF 35.-/25.-/15.- (free choice at the box office or in advance)
Free admission applies to persons with residence permit N, F or S. / CHF 5.- students of the Hochschule für Musik FHNW and the Musicology Seminar of the University of Basel / CHF 10.- members Colourkey and children under 12 years.


New Pricing Policy

With the start of the season 22/23, a new pricing policy will apply at Gare du Nord.
Guests can now choose their own admission price between three different price levels.
CHF 35.- / 25.- / 15.-


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Persons with a residence permit N, F or S.

Students of the Academy of Music FHNW and of the Seminar of Music of the University Basle will still enjoy an entry fee of CHF 5.-.
Colourkey holders and children under 12 years will pay CHF 10.-

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