Open Positions

Kiosk Gare du Nord at Badischer Bahnhof is looking for a motivated employee for the late shift (2-3 times per week) and for holiday cover from 1 May.

The Bar du Nord is looking for an employee (m/f/d) to support us immediately or by arrangement.


Désirée Meiser
Co-direction / Artistic direction until 7/24
Johanna Schweizer
Co-direction / Management
Ursula Freiburghaus
Co-direction / Cooperations
Andreas Eduardo Frank
des. Co-direction / Artistic direction from 8/24
Alina Inserra
Education and Outreach
Victoria Bakalakos
Education and Outreach (on parental leave)
Alexa Tepen
Head of Communication
Mara Laknai
Communication staff
Ferran Planas Pla
Assistance Communication
Francesca Dunkel
Business office & private rental
Andreas Jeger
Denim Szram
Mario Henkel
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