Holiday Workshops

From the past workshop «Blow Bow Beat»


The brake squeaks, the mudguard rattles. You know these and other sounds like that from your bike. In this course you will learn how to make music with a bicycle. We will build a «machine» from individual parts of bicycles, which plucks strings, hammers on a metal sheet and makes one thing or another rattle or squeak. You're sure to have lots of ideas yourself about how to turn a bicycle into a «sound cycle»!

In collaboration with K'Werk Bildschule and Musikschule Basel, we regularly offer holiday workshops for young people from the age of 10. Together with the workshop leaders, the participants compose, invent, programme and make music and thus discover «new music» in a playful way. The results are shown at the end of each workshop at the Gare du Nord.

Workshop dates

2.4. – 6.4.24

Age group

9 – 13 years old


K'Werk Bildschule bis 16
Schule für Gestaltung Basel
Vogelsangstrasse 15
4058 Basel


Kornel Vogt (mechanical and metal engineer), Miguel Ángel García Martín (percussionist and sound artist)

Bring along

Picnic for lunch


Sat, 6.4.2024, 14:00 at the Gare du Nord


CHF 260.-

Info & Registration
+41 61 695 66 10

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