Together with the Volkshochschule Beider Basel (Adult Education Centre of Both Basels) we offer courses around the subject of «Contemporary Music». Besides the already very popular course «Klanggespräche» we have got a second course new on our program, which is dedicated especially to the performance and contemporary musical theater. Discover both formats and gain exclusive insight behind the curtains and into the workshops of contemporary musical artists.

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+41 61 269 86 66

Klanggespräche I

Feel like gaining insight into New Music? Share the stage of the Gare du Nord with renowned composers and sound performers and listen to sound examples exclusively played for you. In conversation with those involved, you will, in this established and popular format, get to know more about the history and features of New Music.

Course leader

drummer, co-founder Eunoia Quintett, board member IGNM Basel


Queen of Hearts

Jannik Giger, Leo Hofmann, Benjamin van Bebber, Sarah Maria Sun, Jude Ellison Sady Doyle



Too Hot To Hoot? mit Benoît Renaudin


10 Jahre Eunoia Quintett – Rapprochement

Eunoia Quintett mit Christian Bök und LAUTESKollektiv


Dürrenmatts Hirn

Ensemble Proton Bern & Sarah Maria Sun


Music for the first time

Ensemble Lemniscate

Klanggespräche II

New Musical Theater has numerous appearances and forms. Together with the music facilitator Victoria Bakalakos and the participating artists we will follow the traces of the phenomena of «Musical theater», dive into the creative process and discover the exciting world of contemporary performance.
The following performances are part of the course.

Course leader

Victoria Bakalakos, Music Facilitator, Gare du Nord, Basel.


Subnormal Europe

Belenish Moreno-Gil & Óscar Escudero



Andreas Eduardo Frank


A Singthing

Leo Hofmann, Benjamin van Bebber

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