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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGBs)

  1. Usage
    Gare du Nord, uses the software «pretix» ( for its ticketing system. This is supplied within the range of influence of the provider and serves as an online-organization of events, especially the administration of registration processes and payment (ticket shop).
    The Gare du Nord, together with Pretix, strive to offer their clients an ideal service concerning the purchase of tickets. In spite of maximum care, the Gare du Nord can not provide any guarantee for faultless services or delivery of those without interruption. The Gare du Nord assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website The client is obliged to recognize unconditionally all purchases that have been listed to his or her account and to process the owed value of purchase. The client is obliged to take care of all reasonable precautions to prevent abuse by unauthorized persons. In case of suspicious, abusive actions the client will contact the Gare du Nord immediately. The Gare du Nord is entitled to deny and stop any sale of tickets or services in case of suspicious, abusive actions or in case of unauthorized usage.
  2. Events
    2.1 Validity of tickets
    Tickets will only be valid if they were purchased on the website and printed out individually. Copying, changing and reproducing tickets is prohibited and will be punished.
    2.2 Sales transaction
    Each sale will be binding and in general cannot be reversed or modified. The sale is negotiable only when the purchase money has been authorized by the credit card holding company resp. the bank.
    2.3 Entry control
    Tickets will be checked at the entrance. Ticket check and the authorization of the person presenting it remain subject to the authority at the door.
    2.4 Redemption or replacement
    Redemption or replacement is basically possible up to 24h prior to the beginning of a particular performance.
    2.5 Cancellation of the event
    In case of cancellation of an event without any compensation, you have the option to receive a refund within 30 days after the notice was given. The maximum amount that will be refunded is the face value printed on the ticket. A reversal transfer will take place to the provided IBAN number.
  3. Online ticket sales
    3.1 Security
    During the process of an internet purchase via credit card, the Gare du Nord will use the HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer)-protocol. This protocol encrypts data during the process of transmission between the client and the server so that third parties cannot read or decipher anything.
  4. Personal Data
    Gare du Nord undertakes to use its customers' data only for activities directly related to the ordering process. Please also note the data protection conditions of the Pretix ticketing software: →
  5. Legal disclaimer
    The Gare du Nord assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website
  6. Information
    The Gare du Nord endeavors to keep all information on the website complete, up-to-date and in correct consistency.
  7. Rights
    The website is copyright and trademark protected. All rights, incl. usage rights and propriety rights, are reserved to the Gare du Nord and its suppliers.
  8. Adjustment of GTCSs
    Gare du Nord reserves the right to change its general terms and conditions. Changes will be marked accordingly by publications on the website Please consult the respective website regularly.
  9. Place of jurisdiction
    In case of conflicts concerning the usage of the website, the place of jurisdiction is Basle/Switzerland.
  10. Final clauses
    The association Gare du Nord is an association in terms of article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code based in Basle/Switzerland. See also statutes and guidelines.
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