Sustainably dealing with environmental resources is of great concern to us. We actively contribute towards the environment and print our monthly program on 100% certified, recycled paper (Blue Angel eco-label and FSC seal). For ecological reasons, Gare du Nord has been printing evening handouts only instead of extensive evening playbills since 2020. For more detailed information please scan the QR code on our homepage.

Carbon neutrality

The choice of print shop for our print material depends on which local company actively contributes towards climate protection. The Druckerei Gremper AG has been printing climate neutrally for years and invests in meaningful climate projects. Furthermore, in the year 2014, 100% of energy demand was covered by eco-electricity from sustainable sources («Naturstrom»).

Supporting climate projects

As CO2 emissions always are produced during a printing process – be it through paper, colors or transport - we contribute towards neutralizing CO2 emissions and support the climate project «Plastic Bank» by ClimatePartner AG. ClimatePartner supports various climate projects all over the world: ClimatePartner

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