Basel will be climate-neutral by 2037! Gare du Nord is joining this endeavour and has taken various measures to achieve this. The resource-conserving treatment of the environment is very important to us. We are guided by the UN's -> «Sustainable Development Goals» (SDGs), which Switzerland has also declared its support for.

Poverty prevention

  • Graduated ticket prices according to self-assessment
  • Free admission for refugees
  • Cooperation with the -> «Restaurant du coeur» as a gastronomic partner for private rental service, offers jobs for people who otherwise have no opportunities on the labour market


Drinking water/sanitary facilities

  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Avoidance of disposable packaging, introduction of deposit systems where possible
  • Publicly accessible WC facilities

Innovation and infrastructure

  • Repairs in our own workshop
  • Energy-saving measures in the rehearsal process and day-to-day operations: reduced stage lighting for cleaning and rehearsals, light sensors, general power switches and state-of-the-art equipment
  • The combination of production operations, private hire and catering ensures efficient use of the existing infrastructure

Less inequality

  • Designing diversity-appropriate spaces and programmes to promote broad participation and diversity
  • «Culture+1» programme
  • Barrier-free access

Sustainable city/mobility

  • Direct connection to public transport (tram stop «Badischer Bahnhof»)
  • Large bicycle/motorbike parking area for the public and employees
  • No company-owned car parking spaces
  • Focus on national ensembles enables programme without air travel

Sustainable consumption

  • Cooperation with «TooGoodToGo» for unexpected food waste
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Paperless ticketing possible
  • Due to the architectural peculiarity of the stage spaces, material-intensive stage sets are rarely designed

Print advertising and material:

  • Monthly programme on 100% certified recycled paper (Blue Angel and FSC seal)
  • 2020 Introduction of the evening programme instead of extensive evening programme booklets
  • Together with the local printing company «Druckerei Gremper AG», production with 100% natural electricity from sustainable sources has been possible since 2014
  • As the production of printed matter always generates CO2 emissions - whether from the paper, the ink or the transport - we neutralise CO2 and support the «Plastic Bank» climate project run by ClimatePartner AG
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