Artist in Residence

Manuel Valverde

Argentinian composer and cultural manager Manuel Valverde (*1994) was our Artist in Residence for the season 2021/2022.

After graduating in Musical Arts with a focus on composition from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina, he has received commissions and premiered works at various venues and festivals. These include the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón, the Teatro Nacional Cervantes or the Centro Cultural San Martín and the international festival IN/OUT (Pro Helvetia).

After his participation in the Festival IN/OUT, he was selected by Pro Helvetia South America to represent Argentina for his artistic residency at Gare du Nord.

He has also received several prizes and scholarships, including a scholarship to participate in the «Atlatincx: Latin American Composition Course» and an honourable mention in the Juan Carlos Paz Competition for his ensemble piece «La situación interna».

Also worth mentioning is the experimental electronic music album entitled «MAV». In this album, Valverde immerses himself in electronic music and its sub-genres, crossing the boundaries between different aesthetic strands.

As artistic co-director of «Resonar», Valverde is also committed to the social and cultural fabric of his country and Latin America. This initiative sees itself as a space for debate and action in the encounter between composers and performers of contemporary and experimental music in cheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano). «Resonar» («Reverberate») aims to fight atomisation in art by creating more spaces of encounter and exchange between the different limbs of contemporary music production.

Valverde also teaches, both privately and at universities. In 2021, he held the seminar «Music in the XXI Century» at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina.

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