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Objets trouvés – An excursion into the cellar of the musical station

Gare des Enfants

Illustration Gare des Enfants

Gare des Enfants © zVg

In the cellar of the musical station, treasures from bygone days slumber away. Costumes are lined up on hangers, old suitcases and boxes are piled up among all kinds of colourful bits and pieces. But if it is very quiet in the cellar and you listen carefully, all these things still sound, rattle and trumpet and tell us the stories of the past. Now we dust them off and breathe a second life into them on stage!


Ensemble ImproNext of the Basel Music School, Svetlana Maraš (conductor), pupils of class 5/6b of the Rittergasse Primary School Basel, Mark Searle (stage/lighting), Basia Wehinger (costumes), Sandra Rudin-Förnbacher and Sylwia Zytynska (scenic design)


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60 minutes, no break


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