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The Journey

Lukas Bärfuss, Gwendolyn Masin, Origin Ensemble, Miklós Lukács, Susi Evans, Szilvia Csaranko

A literary-musical journey to the East, in search of the cultural traces that have shaped Europe. Minsk, Odessa, Istanbul and Sarajevo are the coordinates. The route avoids the main roads, it follows the mule tracks and the slow lanes. There we find the people who had to leave their homeland, there we hear the songs of the nomads, the melodies of the widows and the orphans, the songs of the persecuted and the displaced. They tell of the rise and fall of empires, of the last morning in the old home, of the first evening in a foreign bed, of the borders to be crossed, of the smuggled goods, the lost children and of the love found again. One is let into the house, the other is shown the door. Someone finds happiness, some only the old misery in a new place. In the alternation of chords, the generations take turns. Languages are banned and forgotten, libraries burn, all that remains of books is what someone has learned by heart. Stories from the old days? They are the news of the day. Then as now, the fate of the continent, its freedom, its peace, will be decided in the East. It's time we set out on our journey.


Gwendolyn Masin (musical director/violin); Lukas Bärfuss (text/presentation); Origin Ensemble: Jiska Lambrecht (violin), Karolina Miskowiec (violin), Martin Moriarty (viola), Sandro Meszaros (cello), Lars Schaper (bass); Milkós Lukács (cimbalom); Susi Evans (clarinet, flutes); Szilvia Csaranko (accordion)


Antoine Auberson (*1957): «Passenger» (2023) 7’
Antoine Auberson: «Comment tu pries, comment tu danses?» (2023) 14’
Daniel Schnyder (*1961): «Mehmed Anteportas» 4’
Daniel Schnyder: «Inside the Spider Net» 3’
Oleg Ponomarev (*1964): «Red Horo» 6’
Joseph Horovitz (1926-2022): «Dybbuk Melody» 3’
Béla Bartók (1881-1945): «Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm» (1940) 9’
Béla Bartók: «Romanian Dances» (1915) 7’
Béla Bartók: «Arabian Song» (1931) 1’
Grigoraș Dinicu (1889-1949): «Hora Staccato» (1906) 3’
Ernest Bloch (1880-1959): «Nigun» (from Baal Shem Suite) (1923) 8’
Raymond Deane (b. 1953) – «Hungarian-Jewish Melodies» (2007) 8’
George Gershwin (1898-1937): «Summertime» (1934) 5’


2.11. VHS Course «Klanggespräche»


80 minutes, no break


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