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Music Theater/Performance


Theater Basel

From one day to the next, Elisabeth Vogler falls silent. In the seclusion of a beach house, nurse Alma takes care of her and tries everything to make her speak again. Ingmar Bergman's film is an enigmatic psychogram about two women whose obsessive relationship causes the edges of their personalities to crumble. In their adaptation, composer Anda Kryeziu and director Caterina Cianfarini explore the limits of what can be said and the nature of human identity. Using live-electronics and sound alteration, the composition explores processes of perception as well as the relationship between body, technology and voice.


Anda Kryeziu (composition), Caterina Cianfarini (direction), Eva Veronica Born (stage), Karoline Gundermann (costume), Meret Kündig (dramaturgy), Álfheiður Erla Guðmundsdóttir (Alma), Alice Gartenschläger (Elisabeth Vogler), Anda Kryeziu (live-electronics), Chris Moy (guitar), Jeanne Larrouturou (drums), Maria Franz (cello), Aleksander Gabrys (contrabass)


Premiere by Anda Kryeziu (*1993)


19:00 Audience introduction with Meret Kündig

7.3. Following the performance Pot au feu on the theme of «Cooperations».

For the first time, a music theatre production of Theater Basel plays at the Gare du Nord.

Commissioned by Theater Basel, supported by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.


90 minutes, no break


Tickets from 1.2.23 onwards on →


Interview with Anda Kryeziu about the production «Persona» (Jaronas Scheurer, neoblog -SRF) →

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