Artist in Residence

Juanita Delgado

Colombian singer, composer, transdisciplinary artist, improviser and researcher Juanita Delgado was our Artist in Residence in April 2023.

The versatile artist is connected to reality and the present. She demonstrates this through artistic actions with a strong social component that often involve the audience: poetic actions, interventions in public spaces, sound performances, installations, concerts and theatre performances. The family play «Ramiro y sus Fantasmas» («Ramiro and his Ghosts», Teatro Colón de Bogotá) and the project «Teatro para hacer en casa» («Theatre for the Home»), which she directs and produces together with Juan Felipe Rozo, are good examples. This project aims to bring theatre closer to the audience through texts written to be performed or read at home.

Her teaching as director of the musical theatre programme at the Escuela de Arte y Música of the Sergio Arboleda University also reflects this social commitment. Delgado sees teaching as a practice of transference and relationship with the other, a powerful exchange of subjectivities and a vital opportunity to make temporary agreements that can become creations.

Much of her work focuses on working with the body and the voice. This has led her to collaborate with various choreographers, theatre directors and performers on the international scene. These include the French choreographer Xavier Le Roy, the Colombian director Omar Porras and the Colombian performer Carmen Gil Vrolijk. In this sense, her research activities as director and founder of the Centro de Investigación para la Voz y el Cuerpo (Research Centre for Voice and Body) should also be mentioned. In this centre, she dedicates herself to the development of artistic and creative processes, research and the vocal laboratory, as well as the development of new methodological strategies in singing and voice training.

In her artistic activity, Delgado is a singer, performer and artistic director of the duo BoteroDelgado (vocals and double bass), with which she premiered «Anatomía Intangible» at the Teatro Estudio of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo in 2020.

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