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collectif barbare

All cultures celebrate festivals. Being a host is a valuable asset all over the world. Together with its ensemble of people from different backgrounds, collectif barbare invites the audience to a celebration that brings everyone together at one table and turns the theatre into a place of encounter with the foreign.

The play is performed in the middle of the audience and a multi-layered acoustic and visual journey unfolds. The space is transformed into a company canteen or the lounge of an airship, and suddenly everyone is part of an open-air wedding party in southern Afghanistan.

‘L'Invitation’ is a participatory music theatre and mediation project with young people of different origins, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations.

With a freely selectable donation, you can directly support the production and the collectif barbare and contribute to the creation of further participatory music theatre pieces.
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Have you always wanted to know exactly what musicians do or what goes on backstage? Then you've come to the right place! With us, you'll get a direct insight into the musical rehearsals and working methods of the Collectif barbare with their piece "L'Invitation - die Einladung".

Registration is required to participate in this mediation programme.
Please send an e-mail to :


Astride Schlaefli (concept/direction/sound/video), Armelle Scholl (composition/music), David Merz (electronics/music), Christian Kuntner (project management/sound design/sound engineering), Stephan Schwendimann (stage), Florence Schlumberger (administration), Michael Eigenmann (lighting/technical direction), Vera Silberring (movement), Natania Prezant (dramaturgy), a.o.


Music by Armelle Scholl and Astride Schlaefli: various untitled pieces
Vladimir Cosma (*1949): «la vie en rose» (1983) / «la Paloma» (1983)
Mahsa Vahdat (*1973): «farewell» (2020)
Himzo Polovina (1927-1986): «Emina» (1970)
Lili Boniche (1922-2008): «Alger, Alger» (1996)
Wjatscheslaw Meschtscherin (1923-1995): «Siberian Melody» (2002)


75 minutes, no break


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