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Workshop: Social Provision for Musicians

Nina Rindlisbacher

Portrait von Nina Rindlisbacher

Nina Rindlisbacher © zVg

The workshop provides basic knowledge about the social security system in Switzerland. Followed by a networking aperitif.

How do I provide for my old age?
How do I protect myself if I am unable to work due to illness or an accident?
How is social security regulated if I am employed?
How is social security regulated if I am self-employed?

These and other questions will be addressed in the workshop and it will be shown what musicians need to pay attention to in terms of social security.


Nina Rindlisbacher (Political Projects and Social Security, Legal Service at SONART - Musikschaffende Schweiz)


The workshop is free of charge for SONART Active members and Music Office Members Plus. For non-members, the expense fee is CHF 75.

Registration: → sonart.swiss

Registration deadline: 08.03.2024

The workshop takes place in cooperation with SONART and Musikbüro Basel.


120 minutes, no break



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