Tu 20:00
Bar du Nord

Spiel-Bar 4

Juan & Miriam / Johnny Mancini

20:00 Juan & Miriam
The music duo Juan & Miriam have travelled far and wide, collecting songs from different countries and traditions. They now present their treasures in the Spiel-Bar. Among them are also some pieces and arrangements from the world music scene.

21:00 Johnny Mancini
Johnny Mancini is a one-man band from Basel. The singer, who was previously active in bands such as Missling and Klangklinik, has been travelling solo for a year now. He produces his music on the computer and combines rock'n'roll, rockabilly and doo-wop song structures with electronic new wave, synth sounds, techno beats and a pinch of 1980s trash.


Juan & Miriam; Johnny Mancini


20:00 Juan & Miriam
21:00 Johnny Mancini


The Spiel-Bar takes place at the Bar du Nord.


Admission is free, there will be a collection in favour of the artists.

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