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Verba Vocalis

When a painfully abandoned lover finds comforting peace in nature....
When an innocent captive builds a bridge to inner peace....
When impenetrable darkness leads to the source of security....
...when loneliness begins to speak.

Loneliness - like a shadow, a feeling of emptiness creeps into our lives. But is loneliness exclusively destructive? Can there not also be an unknown power hidden in the midst of loneliness? Verba Vocalis explores the theme of loneliness with music from almost 400 years of music history in the concert programme «Weit».

The framework of the concert is formed by romantic choral songs, which are contrasted and commented on by baroque arias. Embedded in these are contemporary choral works - once from a Japanese Buddhist perspective, once with a Western Christian influence, these works seek a more contemplative or meditative approach to the experience of loneliness. The central piece of the concert is a solo for violoncello that weaves itself around the Prelude from the Suite No. 5 in C minor by J. S. Bach.


Verba Vocalis (choir), Luigi Chiaramonte (tenor), Chiara Jarrell (soprano), Selina Matile (violoncello), Simon Vander Plaetse (theorbo), Miro Hanauer (musical director)


Hans Koessler (1853-1926): «Wanderers Nachtlied» from «Lieder und Gesänge» (1912-1914) 3'
Johannes Philipp Krieger (1651-1735): «Einsamkeit, du Qualung der Herzen» from «Cephalus und Procri» (1690) 9'
Hans Koessler: «Traurig' Scheiden» from «Lieder und Gesänge» (1912-1914) 4'
Anne Boyd (*1964): «As I Crossed A Bridge Of Dreams» (1975) 12'
Sebastian J. Meyer (*1994): «contain, pause, retain» (2018/19) 13'
Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude, Interlude and Postlude to the Prelude from the Suite No. 5 in C minor BWV 1011
Galina Grigorjeva (*1962): «The Dark Night Of The Soul» (2016) 8'
Hans Koessler: «Ich hab' zur letzten guten Nacht» from «Lieder und Gesänge» (1912-1914) 2'
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): «Die Einsamkeit» from «Singe-, Spiel- und Generalbassübungen» TWV 25 (1733/34) 5'
Hans Koessler: «Loneliness» from «Songs and Chants» (1912-1914) 4'


75 minutes, no break


CHF 35.-/25.-/15.- (free choice at the box office or in advance)
Free admission applies to persons with residence permit N, F or S. / CHF 5.- students of the Hochschule für Musik FHNW and the Musicology Seminar of the University of Basel / CHF 10.- members Colourkey and children under 12 years.



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