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Klara Lundén / Am Tae

Am Tae

Am Tae is a young singer/songwriter from Basel. She came into contact with music at a very early age and started playing the clarinet at the age of eight. At the age of 16, she attended a female band workshop at Helvetiarockt, where she first came into contact with songwriting, other instruments and her own voice. Her songs are critical of today's society and express her concerns and wishes for humanity. She addresses topics such as racism, climate change, bodyshaming, things that she feels are addressed far too little. In spring 2021, Am Tae won the Soundclinic of the Musikbüro Basel with her song: «Will you still believe me?» and in June 2022 her debut EP «Woman» was released.

Klara Lundén

Klara Lundén tells little stories with her songs. Stories about monsters, people, grey stones, little infatuations and plants. In February 2012 she started telling these song stories in front of an audience and since then she has been seen on various stages, including the Plazabühne in Zurich, bigger stages like the Alexandra Palace in London, the BScene in Basel, or just in your living room. A visit to her performances is worthwhile, or as the Basler Zeitung put it: «The audio samples would never have suggested that Lundén could be so confident, so passionate and so humorous live. This singer-songwriter should be on your radar.»


Klara Lundén and Am Tae


20:00 Uhr Klara Lundén
21:00 Uhr Am Tae


The Spiel-Bar takes place at the Bar du Nord. Admission is free, there will be a collection in favour of the artists.


Free admission

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