Fr 20:45

Laura Chihaia X Lisette Spinnler

Project Agora

Two artists, both divergent in nature, converge in a new and unique approach to the timeless voice and piano ensemble format with original compositions and free improvisation.
Although these two musicians come from very different backgrounds, it feels as though this combination was meant to be. Chihaia's brilliant pianistic free improvisations brim with intensity while maintaining a sense of tranquillity, even in the most unfamiliar of musical contexts. Spinnler's vocals, sometimes exuberant, sometimes pensive, allow for a range of expression and emotion not often heard. Both musicians share a remarkable perception of sound and space, sure to involve any listener on a journey through all shades of life and emotion.


Lisette Spinnler (voice), Laura Chihaia (piano)


Original Compositions & Free Improvisation


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