Fr 19:00

Concerto di Margherita X Jaka Arh & Martin Theurillat

Project Agora

A 3D audio installation by the new Basel duo for experimental electronic music in combination with the ensemble Concerto di Margherita create a link between the hectic days of today and the heyday of the Renaissance in the 16th century Italy.
The highly sought-after ensemble Concerto di Margherita focuses on the revival of the historical practice of singing while accompanying oneself on an instrument. On the other hand, Martin Theurillat and Jaka Arh met in Basel and created a project to explore the field of live performance with electronics. In this concert, focusing primarily on works written for the self-accompanied musicians of the late 16th century court of Ferrara, the two projects come together to explore the combination of acoustic instruments with augmentations, manipulations and live electronic processing to generate fresh sounds and new ideas.


Francesca Benetti (Voice, Lute, Theorbo, Baroque Guitar), Rui Stähelin (Voice, Lute, Theorbo, Baroque Guitar), Giovanna Baviera (Voice, Viola da Gamba), Florencia Menconi (Voice), Jaka Arh (Live Electronics), Martin Theurillat (Live Electronics)


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60 minutes, no break

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