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Alles ist Umbau - Vortragsreihe «ein Haus...»

Institut Architektur FHNW

«The existing is the city. It is stronger than anything anyone can invent instead of it. Instead of building a planned world, we find a huge mass that we can only change, alienate, reinterpret, perhaps control by adding little things.» (Hermann Czech, Der Umbau 1989)
Under the heading «Alles ist Umbau», three architectural firms each present an exemplary project based on an existing building. The selected examples from Basel, Baden and Geneva illustrate different positions in dealing with existing buildings.

Elisabeth & Martin Boesch Architects, Zurich
Conversion and extension of the Kurtheater Baden

The building fabric of the Kurtheater, designed by architect Lisbeth Sachs in 1936, was carefully restored by Elisabeth and Martin Boesch and reinterpreted and reinvented in a contemporary way to create a new, self-evident whole. An exemplary way of dealing with existing buildings.


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