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Offbeat Jazz Festival – New Piano Sounds

Aki Takase Duo Feat. Daniel Erdmann & Jacob Karlzon Trio «Wanderlust»

Aki Takase Duo Feat. Daniel Erdmann

Aki Takase, born in 1948 in Osaka, Japan, is one of the most important pianists worldwide. She has lived in Berlin for many years, is an indispensable part of the scene there and freely chooses her own very special projects. The beauty of the duo's music is not the result of a need for harmony and an attachment to tradition, but of refinement and friction, of stubborn ways of playing together. How beautiful when Daniel Erdmann wanders through the history of articulation of the tenor saxophone, playing through and savouring one sound after the other, never ending a phrase the way he started it - and producing one closed structure after the other. It is beautiful to see how Aki Takase juggles with coincidences, brakes and accelerates, searches for and finds spaces in between and then takes the initiative, how her right hand lets individual notes bubble along in an angular and polyrhythmic way and then storms off to another shore with emphasis and the force of a two-handed attack.

Jacob Karlzon Trio «Wanderlust»

The journey to which Jacob Karlzon incites with his new album already begins in the title: "Wanderlust". A term made for the Swedish pianist and composer Jacob Karlzon, who approaches music with great deliberation, almost humbly with each new album. The narrative, the song-writing composer's handwriting, which seems to be a concern for him to always take up something new outside of his jazz home, is typical Jacob Karlzon. If you ask him about his self-definition as an artist, he answers: "Alternative Musician". Karlzon plays jazz, thinks rock, grooves, plays funk, speaks like a philosopher through the keys of his Steinway grand piano - musically demanding and highly inviting.


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