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Offbeat Jazz Festival – Top of Switzerland

Yumi Ito Polish Trio; Vallon/Sartorius

Yumi Ito «Ysla»

Yumi Ito creates worlds far away from all boundaries with her voice. The Polish-Japanese Swiss is considered one of the most outstanding representatives of vocal improvisation and moves effortlessly between genres and her activities as a singer, pianist, composer and improviser. Ito's own music is correspondingly diverse, a veritable ocean of art-pop, jazz and neo-classical. Her goal: to create musical worlds under the sign of boundlessness. "Ysla" is the name of Yumi Ito's new album (release date 14.4.2023), on which she and her band virtuously manoeuvre through the floods of sounds, grooves and improvisations. A unique vocal improvisation serves as a compass. Thematically, meanwhile, the work revolves around loneliness and separation, end of the world and rebirth. It marks a new high point in their opus.

Vallon/Sartorius CD Release

World class from Vaud: the three musicians dispense with spectacular solos. They furnish rooms with their sound, they create landscapes, they illustrate feelings. Fine nuances and changes in dynamics, occasionally also noisy interjections and states of suspension characterise the delicate pieces. That one of them is called "Telepathy" is fitting: Whoever makes music so closely interwoven needs telepathic powers ...! In May 23, Vallon, Moret and Sartorius will present their new CD on ECM, live at the Gare Du Nord.


Tickets: → offbeat.concert.ch

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