Th 21:00

Nachtstrom 104

Isabella Forciniti

Full of wonder and a spirit of discovery, the work «Abluzione» recognises sound as a living organism in its diversity. Reverberating synthetic textures and laced arpeggios transform irrevocably as they build and grow in dense soundscapes. «Abluzione» leaves the listeners stuck between two extremes, between slow sighs and quiet sounds that eventually coil up like a snake ready to strike. It offers relief, only to take it away with glee. Extended ambient echoes are repeatedly interrupted by violently distorted polyrhythms that swing back and forth in space like a pendulum.


Isabella Forciniti (live-electronic)


60 minutes, no break


15.-/10.-/5.- (free choice at the box office or in advance)
0.- Students and staff of the FHNW music colleges


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