Ensemble of the Season

Foto von den Mitgliedern des Concept Store Quartet

Concept Store Quartet © Michal Wojtarowicz

Concept Store Quartet

Water, food, shelter, sleep, safety: these are the most important human needs. Although they are considered basic needs, we often struggle to meet them. Anything beyond that becomes a surplus that can feel overwhelming, but can also open the door to what animates us individually.

As this season's ensemble, the Concept Store Quartet will talk about surplus in the context of consumption, information and connection, and aims to offer the audience time and space to reflect on how the surplus we encounter every day can be transformed into a positive and collective force. In «Surplus», the ensemble consistently develops its tailor-made repertoire and collaborates with composers such as Daniel Zea, Alexandre Babel, Uros Rojko, Paul Clift and others.

Past events

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