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Forget-me-nots – A piece of music about comradeship, forgetting in old age and music that helps

Gare des Enfants

Illustration Gare des Enfants

Gare des Enfants © zVg

It is all about four old friends who live together in a retirement home. One of the friends is suffering from dementia. The others decide to take a trip with him to the most beautiful places in his memory: far across the sea, to where the wind whistles funny songs. They travel to Morocco, Italy, Israel, Romania, Japan and Argentina. Their music carries them over everything and the four friends realise how beautiful life can be despite everything!


By and with the Rogues: Martin Schelling (clarinet), Stefan Dünser (trumpet), Goran Kovacevic (accordion), Martin Deuring (double bass); Michèle Rohrbach (direction), Sara Ostertag (dramaturgy), Nina Ball (set design), Mark Searle (lighting)


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60 minutes, no break


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