Chloé Bieri (*1990) «Millenium Unicorn»

Situated between episodes II and III of the saga «The Legend of Planet B», the new spin-off «Millenium Unicorn» follows the story of two individuals who, in order to remain true to their values, will attempt the impossible. They didn't plan to become heroes, but in an increasingly dark age, they will have to face their destiny and overcome all the challenges that come their way.
In this episode, the heroes 045 and XCV are on their way to planet 0982 to discover the secrets that lie within, but will they succeed?

During the piece, the performers activate a series of sounds and objects as a counterpoint to their vocal parts. The piece is inspired by readio plays and the diverse professions in the cinema: noisemakers, dubbing artists, actors, lighting technicians, etc. The piece is also inspired by the Millennium Falcon: YT-1300F (Chloé Bieri)

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