Open Tuesday

The new season of the Gare du Nord is all about opening up. What was born out of necessity in times of pandemic, we have made into a principle. Our beautiful Bar du Nord offers space for all kinds of get-togethers. We are therefore expanding the «Open House» series and continuing to make the bar a place for meeting, sharing and exchanging.

Offener Dienstag

From 11:00, our bar is open to everyone who wants to work in peace or simply linger. Free Wi-Fi, coffee and croissants are available on site.

Between 11:00-16:00, advice on artistic activities and questions about the production of cultural projects is available by appointment.
Register with →Ursula Freiburghaus

Workshops and talks

Starting in October, monthly information events on current topics for cultural workers will also be held. The workshops are also offered on a hybrid basis. You will receive the access data after registering. Register by →E-mail


Social Security

Workshop with Benedikt Wieland of SONART Musicians Switzerland


Technical Committee Music BS/BL

Info event with Fredy Bünter & Dominick Boyle


Accounting and Taxes for Musicians

Workshop with Peter Junker


Self-management: How do you make a living in the independent scene?

Workshop with Claire Brawand


For the first time this season, the "Play Bar" will take place on three Tuesday evenings at the Bar du Nord. In a relaxed atmosphere, the audience will be offered a wide variety of musical contributions. In addition to the musical programme, there will be an opportunity for exchange and a cosy get-together. Admission is free, but a collection will be made for the benefit of the artists.



Chris Moy & Meriton Bega






Klara Lundén / Am Tae

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