Mittendrin 22/23

Have you always wanted to know, what composing is about, what sound designers actually do and what happens behind the scenes? Then this is what you were looking for because here you can directly gain insight into music rehearsals, compositional styles and work methods.
Pupils above 12 years of age can dive into the world of New Music, collect impressions, speak to composers, musicians and sound performers and experience them on stage. Subsequently, we will introduce to you productions, to which we offer individual fringe events such as backstage discussions, rehearsal visits or workshops at school. «In the thick of things» will be moderated by the musician Bettina Berger.

contact and registration

via e-mail →Victoria Bakalakos or via phone +41 61 683 13 13

prices for school classes

CHF 10.– / EUR 10.– per person
Pupils from BS / BL as a class:
CHF 4.– (BS) / CHF 5.– (BL),
one accompanying person is free of charge, each further one: CHF 5.–


Queen of Hearts - #strongwomen #feminism #independence

The «Queen of Hearts», aka Lady Di, touched and provoked the whole world at the same time. Who was this lady? What was so fascinating about her? What did the media do to her? How strong is a woman in public allowed to be? These and other questions are pondered by the composers Jannik Giger and Leo Hofmann as well as the extraordinary singer Sarah Maria Sun. Music: Jannik Giger, Leo Hofmann


Le sacre du printemps - #rituals #climatechange #sacrifice

In this staged version, four performers examine their own willingness to sacrifice as well as that of the audience: What are we willing to sacrifice? Can sacrifice make a difference? Do I give up things to save the world? In a montage of Stravinsky's music, texts and projections, the ensemble questions everyday rituals and beliefs. Music: Igor Stravinsky


HYPHEMIND - #lifeofmushrooms #hallucination #survival

HYPHEMIND is an expedition into the strange and dark world of mushrooms. What can we learn from the symbiosis specialists and their mycelia net-works? What do our ideas of individuality, intelligence and society look like from their point of view? Is it possible for us to overcome the crisis of Anthropocene and find new forms of co-operation between humans, nature and technology?


A Singthing - #emotions #deafisnotdead #whatmeanstolisten

People often say: Music is a language for everybody. Is that true ? And what, actually, is music? Is it only about listening and the ear? Even when you supposedly are not hearing anything, you hear a lot and perhaps what you hear, you are able to hear even more intensively. Together with the production team, this musical theater is meant for everyone, whether with or without impairment. Just in the sense of the universal language of music. Music: Francesca Caccini, Georg Friedrich Händel, Leo Hofmann, Jules Massenet, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi


Do you love Wagner? - #cult #starstrucked #donottouch

How can one encounter the grandfather of German Romanticism, Richard Wagner? How can we make his pathos accessible? Is it even permissible to edit Wagner's music? Mike Svoboda and his ensemble undertake 14 playful and not always entirely serious attempts to approach the phenomenon of Wagner. Music: Mike Svoboda, Richard Wagner


Music for Unicorns - #playtime #self-assured

Dazzling, playful and idiosyncratic is how the duo frKRr present themselves in their new programme. Unicorns - aren't those fluffy cuddly animals with hearts on their bottoms and glittery horns that have to be obsessively cute? Not at all: «Music for Unicorns» is dedicated to the rebellious side of the seemingly harmless. Music: Chloé Bieri, John Cage, Luc Ferrari, Mike Svoboda


Music for the very first time - #firstlove #heartbeat #unknown

The motto of the evening is: for the very first time. Excitement, palpitations, fear of the unknown. Experiencing music, sounds, performance and situations again as if for the very first time, for this we venture into new terrain, leave the familiar concert situation and instead let our thoughts play, hear with our eyes and see with our ears. With: Ensemble of the season: Ensemble Lemniscate

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