Weiterbildung Neue Musik für Lehrpersonen

How to prepare for a visit to a concert with your class

You will learn how to perceive the difference between New Music and New musical theater, how to prepare your class for a performance, and how to evaluate afterwards the experiences in class. Exemplarily we will attend two productions at the Gare du Nord. We will hold conversations with composers and those involved in the productions, will dispute questions about imparting/conveying contemporary music and its facets and will gain confidence in preparing and evaluating afterwards a visit to a concert with the class.



Andreas Eduardo Frank


Best On, Best oFF

Ensemble Lemniscate


Bettina Berger (Flutist Ensemble Proton Bern & co-founder of Ensemble Interface)


Registration is possible at any time via →Victoria Bakalakos


On request teachers will receive an education certificate from the PZ.BS., Weiterbildung und Beratung für Schulen BS.


CHF 100.– incl. Concert ticket plus 1 beverage/evening

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